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"Phoenix Sound Units"
Phoenix offer an  uncompromising quality sound system with
clear reproduction where a ringing bell  stands out crisply from the background chuff, and is not mixed into it -- and where the howl of a whistle does not distort the chuff itself. And where you hear the rumble of a diesel, not just the knock.

Phoenix units are suitable for analogue, digital and battery     operated locomotives. Sound is available for US and European steam, diesel & electric  locomotives and trams.

See and hear for yourself, visit their web site at:

BigSoundTM  PB17 Released in January 2018, the BigSoundTM PB17 is our standard does-it-all sound board. Perfect for DC, DCC, Remote Control and Ride On applications. p.o.a

Released in early 2010, the BigSoundTM P8 is our latest state-of-the-art DCC compliant sound board. Perfect for DCC and Battery Power Remote Control.
 Released in late 2017, the SM18 is our first DCC compatible sound board and motor combined board. Designed for locomotives with the Bachmann Large Scale Socket. p.o.a

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