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Tree Peonies
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Destiny and the Honey Bee
Advanced Tree Peonies are currently available in tubs ranging in price from $75.00

Tree peonies  once established
unlike the herbaceaous types are very free flowering. They make a slow growing small tree, and are sold bare rooted in winter. 

And once they are established they become 
dry-tolerant in summer .

Whilst they are dry tolerant they do require some water to help them to get established and also to tide them over any  extreme dry spells during their growing period in late spring

They do require a cold winter to flower well.

Another secret to growing them sucessfully, involves the very liberal use of raw ground limestone mixed with the soil when planted in winter; and again a top dressing of burnt lime  together with an application of high potash fertilser
each autumn.

Tree Peony Destiny:

Open single flowers with white petals and a mauve purple mark at the base of each petal.

Tree Peony Happy Days:

 Very attractive single flowers with creamy peach petals. Good doer. 

Tree Peony ‘Red Lotus’:

Very attractive and very vigorus. Has semi double red flowers.

Tree Peony 'Jade Pink Lotus'

A vigorous soft pink semi double lotus type.

Tree Peony Ettiene De France:

The most popular Tree Peony on the market. The deep green foliage makes a great backdrop for the huge pink blooms.

Advanced Tree Peonies are currently available in tubs ranging in price from $75.00

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