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Notes on basic Digital Control in Garden Layouts

The following information suggests a selection of products required to establish a Digitally controlled Garden Layout.

Piko and the older Lgb MTS 111 digital system are manufactured by  Massoth and for this reason are compatible with each other and with most Massoth products.

LGB is now manufactured by Marklin and their system which is refered to as mfx is not totally compatible with those manufactured by Massoth.  

To set up a basic Digital System you would need to select one item from each of the following three categories.

1.  Piko Central  Station 35010  or a Massoth unit that is equivolent.  

2. Tortech 17V 5 AMP  AC transformer. (This  unit can be used to run either dc (anoloque) or DCC digital locomotives with two motors. It is ideal to run  LGB items 51070, 52120, 52121 and LGB MTS items 55006, 55100, 55090, 55106 & Lgb digital starter sets 70500 .  And Piko throttle 35002 & Piko Central  Station 35010 and the Massoth brand Central Stations).

3.     Piko 35011 hand held Navigator has a built in  Radio Controlled transmitter which can be coupled with the Piko 35012 Wireless receiver with a range of 300 feet.

 Massoth  also have A DiMAX 8134501 handheld Navigator with integrated remote Control with a range of 100 feet

Or alternately a Massoth DiMAX 8134601 handheld Navigator with integrated remote Control  with a range of 600 feet for not much more.

The Massoth units will require  Massoth 8133101 DiMAX Radio Control  Receiver 11   to be used in conjunction with either DiMAX 8134501 or the DiMAX 8134601.  

(The  Piko navigator and receiver can also be used together with the Piko 35002 5 Amp Analogue  Controller in an analogue Garden Layout) 

If you contemplate using points in a DCC layout these will need to be motorized and controlled using a Massoth Points decoder #8156001 which  operates up to 4 sets of electric points. Piko  35013 is an equivalent unit .

Each locomotive will also need to be fitted with a decoder. As  previously mentioned, the old LGB MTS 111 digital system is compatible with Piko DCC and Massoth.

We can advise what components would suit your specific requirements and give you a firm quote accordingly. 

For further information see our Piko page for prices. Contact us by email regarding Massoth prices and avaliability

Updated for 2020

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