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  $99.00 each

Please note, prices may change without notice.

MyLocoSound specialize in economical and realistic sound solutions for large scale garden railways and ride on locomotives.
The key benefits are:
  • Low cost
  • Easy to Install ... Screw terminals and minimum wiring.
  • Definitely not rocket science. All adjustments are made with a TV remote control. No programming here.
  • Realism is the first priority. Hence deep chuffs which vary with load and sounds which adjust to suit your loco or railcar.
Whilst itís great to have a highly adjustable soundcard, the benefit is lost if you have to take the locomotive apart each time you want to make an adjustment. MyLocoSound has solved this problem by using a handheld remote control which may be used to make all adjustments from outside the locomotive. These are Sony compatible TV remote controls which can be purchased from local consumer electronics stores at very little cost. Only one remote control is needed for any number of locomotives.

All of the sounds can be triggered by the function buttons of radio control systems from Fosworks, RCS, Micron, Mtronics, Deltang, Crest, RailBoss, Airwire, LocoRemote, BlueRail, Piko and others.

The soundcard also works well with simple track powered railways.
Track side magnets and loco mounted reed switches can trigger any of the sounds at selected positions on the railway. Thirdly the remote control can be used to trigger any of the sounds but only over short distances outdoors.

On track powered railways, each locomotive needs a 7.2 or 9 volt support battery on board to sustain the sound when the track voltage is reduced to stop at a station. This battery will recharge automatically when the loco is running at speed.

Sound Cards are available for $99.00
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