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Scadoxus pole-evansii x katherinii

A true rarity. A large globe-like orb with over 100 deep red orange florets. The flower head is carried on a 1.20m stem and is contrasted by lush green foliage. They do best in a semi shaded position and grow well in a large pot.

Small Bulbs

Gloriosa rothschildianna:

Commonly know as the Flame Lily. A perennial tuberous vine that can grow up to 3m in length. It enjoys a cool semi shaded position and does well in a large tub. The flowers are magenta-red with a creamy yellow margin on each petal. The tuber is dormant through the winter.
$6.00 per tuber
2 for $10.00

Various other Bulbs
& bulbous plants

Crinum moorei:

Large long necked bulbs, very drought resistant. Has a scape of white flowers with a pink flush, on stems up to 100cm. This bulb enjoys growing under deciduous trees.

Small Bulbs $4.00 each, 3 for $10.00
Large Bulbs $12.00 each

Hymenocallis harrisianna:

A very rare form seldom  offered with between four and five dainty white spider like flowers on a 35cm stem. 

$7.50 each

Sandersonia aurantiaca:

Also known as the Chinese Lantern. Native to South Africa and Swaziland. Grown from a small tuber, the lily like vine carries beautiful golden orb shaped flowers in summer on 60cm stems.

$4.00 each
3 for $9.00

Sprekelia “Formosissima Lily”:

Also known as the Jacobean Lily. A very poor photo but a stunning blood-red orchid-like flower  in December-January on a 35cm stem.  Very Hardy.  

$3.50 each
 5 for $16.00

Tulbaghia violacea:

Is a clump-forming perennial with narrow grey-leaves and clusters of violet flowers on 50cm stems from midsummer to autumn  An ideal border plant.

5 for $9.00 10 for $17.00


Perennial type Plants
Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis):

Stems of fragrant white flowers amid dark green foliage. Ideal for cool sheltered positions.      
5 for $8.00
10 for $14.00

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum multiflorum):

A graceful flower grown from a tuberous root. The leaf spike shoots in the spring. The 90cm arching stem bears white and green flowers.  
 3 for $5.00
10 for  $15.00

Pumila Dwarf Bearded Iris “Purple Baby”:

Stunning dark purple flowers on 20cm stem early September. Hardy.

3 for $9.00
5 for $14.00

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