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Scadoxus pole-evansii x katherinii

A true rarity. A large globe-like orb with over 100 deep red orage florets. The flower head is carried on a 1.20m stem and is contrasted by lush green foliage. They do best in a semi shaded position and grow well in a large pot.



Eucomis undulata:

Lovely dwarf variety. Similar to E. zambesiacum but with a slightly taller stem and larger flower to 35cm

$3.00 each
3 for $7.00

Eucomis zambisiacum:

A delightful specie with pure white flowers on a 25cm stem. The flowers have a fragrance very similar to coconut oil.

$4.00 each
3 for $9.00

Eucomis Pot luck Mixture of  large flowering variety.

Colours include pinks, greens and cream forms. Not sold separately.

5  for  $9.00

Gloriosa rothschildianna:

Commonly know as the Flame Lily. A perennial tuberous vine that can grow up to 3m in length. It enjoys a cool semi shaded position and does well in a large tub. The flowers are magenta-red with a creamy yellow margin on each petal. The tuber is dormant through the winter.
$8.00 per tuber
2 for $14.00

Lilium Species

Lilium lancifolium (Liliaceae):

The common Tiger lilies (Lilium lancifolium) are easy-to-grow hardy bulbs, that typically produce downward-facing flowers in midsummer on stems up to 180cm tall.

$3.00 each
  4 for $10.00

Lilium philipenese (Liliaceae):

Has a very long, slender, pristine white trumpet-like flower, with a beautiful waxy finish. It also has a slight flush of pink on the outer side of the flower.

$2.50 each
  4 for $8.00

Lilium speciosum Scarlet Delight:

An old favorite. Has well reflexed crimsom-red flowers with white margin on each petal. row to about 85cm.

$2.50 each
4 for $8.00

Specie Hippeastrum
Originating in South America.

Hippeastrum equestre:
We beleive the name is correct. The flower stem of this species grows to about 50cm. It has around two to five large blood red flowers with a white central mark at the base of each petal. Very reliable, and does very well for us in the garden.           
$14.00 each
Limit two

Hippeastrum johnsonii:

The trumpet shaped, deep blood red flowers with a distinctive white central band are slightly smaller than the modern hybrids. What they lack in size they make up for in numbers having up to five blooms on each 22cm stem. Rare.

$14.00 each

Limit two

Hippeastrum papilio

Another wild species known as the Brazilian Butterfly Lily. And unlike most bulbous plants it does not have a period of total dormancy. The petals of the attractive flower are very open, giving the flower a rather flattish profile. The petals have a creamy-green base colour, with deep crimson flushing and fine crimson striping. The stock offered are large flowering size bulbs. Best grown in a pot.

Photo used by courtesy of John Allman
Nurseries Online Australia.

$15.00 each
2 for $28.00

Various other Bulbs
& bulbous plants

Agapanthus inapertus ssp pendulus:

Very deep dark blue down-facing, tube like flowers on 60cm stems. Very striking.   Open sunny position.                      

4 for $7.00,
10 for $15.00

Crinum moorei:

Large long necked bulbs, very drought resistant. Has a scape of white flowers with a pink flush, on stems up to 100cm. This bulb enjoys growing under deciduous trees.

 $4.00 each,
3 for $10.00

Drimiopsus maculata:

This seldom offered bulb has foliage similar to a small Hosta. It is green spotted with pale brown markings. The flower is not dissimilar to a white Grape Hyacinth. Favors a semi shade position in the garden or a tub.

$2.50 each,
3 for $6.00

Hymenocallis harrisianna:

A very rare form seldom  offered with between four and five dainty white spider like flowers on a 35cm stem. 

$6.00 each
2 for $10.00

Sandersonia aurantiaca:

Also known as the Chinese Lantern. Native to South Africa and Swaziland. Grown from a small tuber, the lily like vine carries beautiful golden orb shaped flowers in summer on 60cm stems.

$4.00 each
3 for $9.00
6 For 16.00

Sprekelia “Formosissima Lily”:

Also known as the Jacobean Lily. A very poor photo but a stunning blood-red orchid-like flower  in December-January on a 35cm stem.  Very Hardy.  

$3.50 each
 5 for $16.50

Tulbaghia fragrans:

As the name suggest this bulbous variety has fragrant pink or white flowers on 50cm stems. Colours are 'pot luck 'and  not sold separately.

$4.00 each
3 for $11.00

Tulbaghia violacea:

Is a clump-forming perennial with narrow grey-leaves and clusters of violet flowers on 50cm stems from midsummer to autumn  An ideal border plant.

                                                                                       5 for $9.00
                                                                                     10 for $17.00


 Watsonia socium:

Native to Natal  Southern Africa. This bulbous plant remains permanently evergreen. Once re-established it bears Orange flowers  through spring  into summer
on 80 cm stems. Sold  as a bare rooted clump-ette. Very few to offer.

$6.00 per small clump-ette

Perennial type Plants
Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis):

Stems of fragrant white flowers amid dark green foliage. Ideal for cool sheltered positions.      
5 for $8.00
10 for $14.00

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum multiflorum):

A graceful flower grown from a tuberous root. The leaf spike shoots in the spring. The 90cm arching stem bears white and green flowers.  
 3 for $5.00
10 for  $15.00

Siberian Iris:
Native of Russia. This very showy iris has purple  flowers in late Spring. Ideal in wet or dry positions 60 cm.   
3 for $6.00.
10 for $18.00.
25 for $30.00

Pumila Dwarf Bearded Iris “Purple Baby”:

Stunning dark purple flowers on 20cm stem early September. Hardy.

3 for $9.00
5 for $14.00

10 for $18.00

Dwarf Bearded Iris ‘Purple Boy’

Purple Boy is our name for this vigorous variety. Taller than “Purple Baby” flowers on a 35cm stem, easy and very free flowering. Grows quickly into a spectacular clump requiring little attention.

4 for $10.00
  10 for $15.00

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