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Gardening Books

Bulbs In Containers: Rod Leeds.

Deals with the cultivation of many popular as well as some of the rarer bulbs both in containers and the garden. Was $40.00

Buried Treasures: Janis Ruksans.

Deals with Growing the worlds choicest bulbs. 384 pages of information and over 300 colour photos. Hardcover Was $90.00



Flowering Bulbs: Sarah Guest.(Well know Australian Gardening writer)

A broad spectrum brief of bulbs suited to Australian conditions with advise about purchasing, planting and growing many of the more popular bulb lines.


Bulbs and Perennials:

Revised edition edited by Hugh Redgrove: A guide to selecting and growing over 350 genera of bulbs and perennials. Contains information on natural distribution of each genus, what they require by way of cultivation. The book is illustrated with 400 high quality colour photographs.. Although this copy is second hand it is in ‘as new’ condition.


The Color Encyclopædia of Cape Bulbs: John Manning, Peter Goldblatt, Dee Snijman: This very informative book gives a complete account of the vast range of bulbs found in Southern Africa. The book is richly illustrated with high quality photographs of more than half the 1200 odd specie of bulbs found in this region. A valuable reference for the keen bulb collector.       Was $110.00 


Flowering Bulbs: Sarah Guest: (Well-known Australian Gardening writer). A broad spectrum brief of bulbs suited to Australian conditions, with advice about purchasing, planting and growing many of the more popular bulb lines.  


Daffodils for North American Gardens: Brent & Becky Heath

Whilst this book is written by daffodil growers from the US the information it contains is very relevant in Australia. The book deals with cultivation and contains many photos of cultivars available in this country. Hard cover. With 144 pages of interesting material.

Daffodil: Noel Kingsbury: Deals with the remarkable story of the world’s most popular spring flower. And involves the history of this plant from the time of the Pharaohs through to the present day.


The Gardener's Peony: Martin Page.

This informative guide highlights the best peonies for gardeners with particular attention to the tree peonies. As well it  offers information on the history of peonies and their conservation.


Perennials, The Gardener’s Reference:  Susan Cater, Carrie, Bob Lily

A most comprehensive guide dealing with more than 2700 specie and cultivars making it a very handy reference book. 544 pages hardcover.  Excellent value for the money spent.



Snowdrops: Gunther Waldorf.

Good value for money. This book covers over 300 of the best varieties . There is a guide to the propagation of the bulbs, plant care, pests and diseases, as well as tips on setting up and displaying your Galanthus collection


Calochortus Mariposo Lilies & their Relatives: Mary E Gerritsen & Ron Parsons

The book deals with cultivation  providing a  wealth of information about this interesting North American bulb genus. It contains  232 pages of information including many photos representing the different specie within the genus. Hard Cover.



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