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Spring Bulb Season 2020

This will be our last Springs bulb list and as always our aim is for customer satisfaction, service, quality of stock and good measure. Many of the prices have been reduced, in order to clear our stock.

We will continue to sell our Garden Train products and also grow, and sell Pleione orchids in winter.

During winter 2019 I caught a Legionnaires Disease, (a type of pneumonia), from my 4 cubic meter potting mix pile.  The Potting mix was moist and steamy and the bug was inhaled into my lugs via the steam.

I was told that the particular bug I had caught was  picked up from either potting mix,  garden soil or compost. It can also be picked up when watering overhead hanging baskets.

There are warnings on bags of potting mix to take care not to inhale the dry potting mix dust. But no such warning came with the 'steamy mix'.

People over 50 and people who smoke, are prime candidates liable to be infected by the bug.

After the event I was told to use gardening gloves when gardening and a mask and gloves when using potting mix, and especially not to touch my face.

Recovery was slow.  It is not something I will forget in a hurry, especially to the fact that when you have had it, the body does not build up any resistance to the bug in the future.

The good thing, was that the disease is not contagious. And so my wife Marj, fortunately was spared any complications.

The moral of the story; is to learn  from the experiences of other people, and  to take care when gardening and potting up your little

Most Spring flowering bulbs especially daffodils are very drought hardy, requiring no water during summer and early autumn, preferring their moisture during their growing season from May to October.

Stock listed in this catalogue is available until mid-April  (unless otherwise stated or sold out). Please advise substitutes in case an item becomes unavailable.

Payment may be made by Credit card,  Direct Credit or Cheque, (see order form for details). Cultural notes are supplied with each order and bulbs are dispatched from Mid-February.

Please be patient with our backlog of early orders.

The number (in brackets), after the name of the daffodil indicates the relative time of flowering. Number 0 being the earliest, around June: and 6, the latest in October.

We suggest that people who live in areas which experience a constant dry late spring, purchase daffodils that are coded between 0-3.

Stock listed in this catalogue is available until mid-April  unless otherwise stated or sold out. Please advise substitutes in case an item becomes unavailable.

As a further point of interest:

Daffseek is an interesting website for those who are very keen on Daffodils. It has a search engine that allows you to type in the name of a variety that comes up with photos and a full description of the flower.
Click on this link

1.    Minimum order is $35.00 plus the cost of postage.
2.    Payment to be sent with order - or prior to dispatch. 

3.    Freight or postage to be covered by the purchaser, including insurance (See below for rates).

4.    Bulbs are supplied subject to satisfactory cropping & on a first come, first serve basis.

5.    Please unpack bulbs immediately on arrival. If any difficulties are experienced these should be advised within 5  days of receipt of order.
6.    Stock should not be returned unless we are first contacted.
7.    Planting instructions are a general guide only. As your growing conditions are beyond our control we cannot assume responsibility for lack of performance. However we do urge you to contact us if you have any issues.

8.    Any refund made will only be for the original cost of bulb stock purchased.

Approximate Postage Rates
Bulb orders over $300.00 to Vic, NSW & SA are Post Free.
These rates are a general guide only and orders will be charge the actual cost of postage at the time of shipping.

Minimum charge
 for small orders
To 500g
Minimum charge for orders
 Charge for medium
 sized orders
to 3kgs
Charge for
sized  orders
to 5kgs
Charge for
larger  orders
up to 20kgs
Vic $13.50 $14.50
$22.50 $32.00
NSW & SA $13.50 
$14.50 $19.50
$22.50 $38.00
$14.50 POA
$13.50 $14.50 POA POA POA
$14.50 POA
Additional mandatory charges
Insurance $2.50 for each $100.00
Tracking charge  of $3.00 for orders $500 and over.
 There is an additional charge of $12.00 for orders to Tasmanian & WA  to help defray the mandatory cost of 
Plant Accreditation fees to these states.





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