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Updated Oct 2024

"The Flexible Rail"
Including  Other Related Track Accessories for code 332 Rail.

Please note that AusRail Sleeper Bed is made in Australia!

The brass used to make our rail is produced with a very specific combination of copper and zinc and very minute quantities of aluminum and lead to improve corrosion resistance.

Each batch of rail produced is identically consistent. With precisely the same composition of raw materials used in its manufacture on each occasion. At the end of each production run, the product is analyzed to ensure that the combination of raw materials used in the goods are correct. A Mill test certificate is then issued to this effect.

The finished product is totally compatible in every way with the brass rail used in LGB and Piko code 332 brass track.

When the rail and sleeper bed are assembled the track can be flexed manually into  the required curve.

Track laying instructions are available by email.

Components may be purchased individually or as a package deal:

AusRail 010
6ft Length of code 332 brass rail
per length

Sleeper Bed  Black 

24 pack of UV safe black plastic sleeper bed (enough for 1.8m of track).

$22.95 Per pack.

Purchase 10 packets of
Black Sleeper bed without brass rail, for $220.00.
See bulk purchase rates below.

Per Pack

AusRail Complete
Track 013
Per 2x6ft AusRail 010 & a pack of 24 black plastic sleeper beds sufficient for  the 1.80m lengths of  brass rail. $60.00
015 Joiners
Rail Joiner, Code 332, Brass, Slip on type without the bottom lug, (not recommend for normal use) Pack of 10 $12.00
Lgb Track Laying Accessories
LGB 10001
LGB Brass rail  joiners  Pack of 10 $12.50
LGB 10003
LGB Sleeper Bed 1 ' Sections
LGB 10260
LGB Yellow Insulated Rail Joiners Pack of 4
Massoth Items
Massoth 8100150
Massoth 19mm Track Clamps  10 for $20.00
$2.25 each
Massoth 8100424
Massoth 35mm Track Clamps
Massoth 8319001 Massoth Oiler for lubrication of Locomotive and carriage wheels etc. $20.00
Massoth 8319201
Massoth Conductive Graphite Grease for brass rail joints. Mandatory for using track power in outside conditions.
Massoth  8319401 Massoth Locomotive Gear Lubricant 50g $26.00
Massoth  8412501 Massoth Smoke and Track Cleaning Fluid $26.00
Piko Track Laying Accessories
Piko 35290
Piko Rail joiners pack of 20 (Identical to LGB 10001) $24.50
Piko 35292
Piko Black Insulated Rail Joiners Pack of 6
Piko 35293 Piko Brass Rail Clamp over Rail  (Pack of 10 for $64.00)
Piko 35294
Piko Brass Rail Clamp over Rail Joiner  (Pack of 10 for $64.00) $6.60 Each

 AusRail Super Special Rail Deals
    Purchase 5 complete lengths of  track, which  includes 10 x 1.80m lengths of
brass rail and 5 packets of AusRail sleeper bed for $285.00.  (Works out at $57.00 a complete length.)
    Purchase 10 complete lengths of track, 
which  includes 20 x 1.80m lengths of
brass rail and 10 packets of AusRail sleeper bed for
(Works out at $56.00 a complete length.)

    Purchase 20 complete lengths of track,
which  includes 40 x 1.80m lengths of  brass rail and 20 packets AusRail sleeper bed for $1100.00. (Works out at $55.00 a complete length.)

Rail can be personally collected from our premises.

Otherwise plastic sleeper bed and accessories can be sent via Australia post at cost. However, because the brass Rail exceeds the regulation length for posting, and  can only  be sent by courier to a street address. 

In addition to the cost of the courier, a separate at cost charge applies to packaging of the Brass Rail.

You are free to nominate your choice of courier, 
subject  to the courier  being able to collect the goods from our premises.

Please email  for a quote. To give you an accurate quote for transport and postage we do require your  full name, street address and mobile number.



The best way to order, is by email.
When you contact us please include your name, address and mobile or telephone number. We will acknowledge your  order by return email.
In the case of an order, we will send you an invoice together with our banking details.

If you let us know when the funds have been transferred to our account, we will acknowledge the payment and let you know when the order is posted, providing you with the Aust Post and Carrier tracking numbers.


Our preferred method of payment is by Direct Credit to our account. We do accept payment by Credit or Debit Card, however a surcharge payment of 1.70% applies to the total value of the invoice to cover bank fees associated with the use of the Debit/credit Card Facility.

Paying by Direct Credit to our account prior to collecting your purchase will eliminate the need to pay the surcharge.


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