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Minie Daffodils
including Wild Species.

As a further matter of interest:
Daffseek is an interesting website for those who are very keen on Daffodils.
It has a search engine that allows you to type in the name of a variety, this comes up with photos and a full description of the flower.
Click on this link

These popular little daffodils have one flower per stem,
the petals are often reflexed,
and the flower is usually at an acute angle to the stem.

(Raised by Percival D Williams 1907, UK)
The reflexed petals open yellow and fade to cream. This is contrasted by a bright orange cup. Very sweet and very popular.

3 for $9.00
10 for $25.00
50 for $40.00

BIG J (3)
(Raised by Col Drewitt
1990's, Australia)

The flower is bright yellow. The petals are very broad and reflexed and the bell shaped trumpet is very flanged and well-rounded at the mouth.
$12.00 each

(Raised by Douglas Blanchard 1948, UK)
A medium sized yellow flower on a 40 cm stem. Petals mildly swepted back.

$3.00 each
3 for $8.00

(Raised by Carncairn Daffodils Ireland 1969)

White refexed petals. The
short cylinder-shaped pink cup is closely ribbed, shading to a darker tone at rim. Flowers on a 40 cm stem.
$5.00 each
Only a few to offer

(Raised by Grant E Mitsch 1966 USA)

Bright yellow reflexed petals and a long orange cup which intensifies in colour as the flower ages.
  4 for $10.00
Offsets 25 for $10.00

(Raised by Col Drewitt 1990's Australia)

Similar to Timothy David. A slightly larger bolder yellow flower with reflexed broad pointed petals. The trumpet is shorter and wider than Timothy David and flanged at the mouth.

$15.00 each

(Raised by Col Drewitt 1990's, Australia)

A self pollinated seedling of Tracey. Neat, rounded, fully reflexed white petals with a long round lemon trumpet which is slightly flanged at the mouth. The trumpet opens lemon and eventually matures to white.
$15.00 each

(Raised by Charles A Nethercote 1948, Australia)

A rather cheeky flower that looks up at you. Has a long trumpet rolled at the mouth. The petals are slightly reflexed. Is very popular. 35 cm

3 for $9.00

(Raised by Mrs Sarah Backhouse before 1921 UK)

The yellow flower has fully reflexed petals and a longish cup; opening on a short stem which lengthens with age.
  3 for $9.00
10 for $20.00
Offsets 25 for $20.00

REGGAE (4) (Previously sold as REGINA)
(Breeder Brian S Duncan Northern Ireland UK. Registered 1981)
Pure pristine white reflexed petals with a long narrow,  trumpet-like
pink cup serrated at the mouth.

$8.00 each
2 for $15.00

(Raised by Col Drewitt 1990's, Australia)

An Attractive miniature bred from Little Azzie. The flower has white, slightly twisted, semi reflexed petals and a long slender ‘pumpkin gold’ trumpet on a 30cm stem.

Large bulbs
$15.00 each

(Raised by Mavis Verry 1968, New Zealand)
An exciting variety with white flowers. The petals are fully reflexed, the trumpet is long, neatly flanged, opens lemon and passes to pure white.

Large bulbs
$15.00 each
Small bulbs
3 for $25.00

(Raised by Col Drewitt 1990's Australia)

The flower is bright yellow. The petals are broad and reflexed and the short trumpet is very well flanged and serrated at the mouth.

Championship bloom Canberra 2003
$15.00 each
Small Bulbs $10.00 each

(Raised by Col Drewitt 2000's Australia)

The flower is bright yellow.  The pointed petals  are very reflexed; the long trumpet is flanged at the mouth and deeply serrated. Scarce.       

$15.00 each
Very few to offer
(Also known as Hoop Petticoats)

BULBOCODIUM (2-3) Yellow hoop petticoats in mid-spring.

10 for $6.00
20 for $10.00
50 for $10.00

(Raised by Glenbrook Bulb Farm, Tasmania 1980s)  

Large white flowers through winter.

3 for $8.00

(Breeder Unknown)           

An early spring flowering variety with white large flared hoop.

  4 for $10.00
10 for $18.00

The Triandus hybrids often have more than one flower per stem
and the petals are often reflexed. Average height of flower stems 30cm.

(Breeder unknown)

A hardy very slightly larger Triandus with one to three flowers per stem with neat pleated goblet shaped cups.

3 for $6.00
6 for $10.00

Small Bulbs 20 for $14.00
(Raised by Dr William M Thompson  1928 New Zealand)
Has three or four pendulous primrose yellow flowers with semi twisted reflexed petals on each 25cm stem.

$4.95 each
3 for $12.00

(Raised by Brent C Heath 2002 Virginia USA)
The blooms start out peachy buff, fading to a rich strawberry pink. Has a true cyclamineus style; however we discovered that it is actually Triandus in origin. The flower has reflexed creamy white petals, and as it opens the cup is a
buff peachy shade that eventually passes to a real pink. Limited numbers!
$7.00 each

(Raised by Douglas Blanchard UK 1964)

Has several flowers on each stem. The petals are pure white with long cup which is yellow with a straight and wavy mouth.
2 for $6.00
5 for $14.00

(Could be a sport of White Marvel)

A recent one on the scene. Identical in style to
WHITE MARVEL (below) except for the colour which is primrose cream.

 $3.75 each
2 for $6.50

(Discovered by Zandbergen-Terwegen, 1950 the Netherlands from a sport of Tresamble)

Two to three ice white flowers per stem. The novelty of this variety is that the
cups are filled with white petaloids.  Very hardy.     

 $3.75 each
2 for $6.50


(Including wild specie)

CAMPERNELLE (2-3) A wild hybrid. With two or three fragrant yellow flowers per 30 cm stem. Reed like foliage. Very popular.
  5 for $8.50
Offsets 25 for $12.00

(Raised by Alfred Wilby Tait 1922 Portugal)
A multi-headed variety with 5-6 very small yellow flowers per 20cm stem. Parent of TETE A TETE. and JUMBLIE.

3 for $8.00

N. JUMBLIE (2-3)
(Raised by Alex Gray 1952 UK)
Has two or three small delightful yellow flowers on each 18cm stem. Petals are well reflexed to trumpet-like cup is bell shaped and ruffled at the mouth.

$5.00 each
2 for $8.00

N. minor var Little Gem (1)
(Raised by
J. Gerritsen and Son, 1938 the Netherlands)

A very reliable miniature yellow daffodil on a 14cm stem. A real delight which seeds freely, resulting in some lovely miniature hybrids.

$4.00 each

3 for $10.00
Offsets 10 for $12.00

(Breeder unknown)
A miniature tazzetta with 5-10 fragrant flowers per 30cm stem. The small flowers have white petals and a bright lemon cup. Free flowering.
$2.00 each
  6 for $9.00
20 for $16.00

N. pachybolbus. (0)
(Origin Algeria and Morocco).
A delightful  wild specie tazzetta with upwards of 8 miniature flowers per 40cm stem resembling a cluster of white wax like highly fragrant Hoya like flowers. Whilst the florets are very small the plant is not technically a miniature.
$4.00 each
3 for $10.00

Photos of the
Tenby Daffodil
 may be viewed by
googling Narcissus obvallaris  online.

N.  obvallaris (Tenby Daffodil also known as the Wordsworth Daffodil )
(Unknown Origin is naturalised in a number of places in Britain and southern Europe)
The Tenby Daffodil, is a charming dwarf plant with a bright yellow flowers on each 30 cm stem. The golden-yellow petals are slightly paler than the flared trumpets.
3 for $9.00
10 for $12.00

(Raised by Alex Gray 1949 UK)
Very little miniature with one to three very small flowers per 25cm stem. Very popular.
5 for $10.00
20 for $12.00

XIT. (4-5)
(Raised by Alex Gray 1948 UK)
A single small white fragrant flower on a 18 cm stem.

3 for $12.00
25 for $25.00

  Truly miniature wild Jonquilla Daffodils
(Not to be confused with what are commonly sold as Jonquils )
Foliage is very fine and almost hair-like in comparison to other daffodils
N. assoannus (Also known as juncifolius or requeinii). Origin France. In its natural environment it is found growing on limestone in meadows and on rocky slopes. The highly fragrant flowers on 25cm stems are similar to N. fernandessi but appear much later. The reed like foliage is very stiff and upright. Grows freely from seed.
$4.00 each
  3 for $9.00
Offsets 20 for $12.00

N. fernandessi (2) Origin Portugal. Has 2-4 small highly fragrant yellow flowers on a 15-20cm stem. Fine semi prostrate foliage. Another rare specie well suited to the Alpine garden. Grows freely from seed.
$4.00 each,
3 for $9.00
Offsets 20 for $12.00

N. gaditanus (1-2) Origin Southern Portugal and South West Spain. The bulbs are naturally very small. The foliage is very fine. It has between one to three small fragrant yellow flowers on each stem. Bulbs need to be planted a little deeper than normal, up to 10cm  in well-drained soil, to keep the bulb consolidated and to promote consistent flowering.

3 for $8.00  
N. eystettenis (4-5) Also know as N. capax plenus or 'QUEEN ANNE’S DOUBLE DAFFODIL'. This variety is of unknown wild origin; it has 2-3 fragrant yellow double flowers on each 30cm stem. Very fine upright reed like foliage.

$4.00 each
3 for $10.00

N. viridiflorus (0) The green specie daffodil originating from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. It  has two or three small green flowers on each 30cm stem in autumn. The petals are swept backed and the fragrance from the flowers is truly amazing.

$9.50 each
2 for $17.00
3 for $24.00

N. willkommii (3) Origin Algarve Southern Portugal. Has between two and three fragrant yellow flowers on each 18cm stem. Foliage is dark green and very erect. Few to offer.

$6.00 each
3 for $14.00
Again not to be confused with what are commonly called ‘JONQUILS’. The Jonquilla Hybrids bear between 1 and 3
small highly fragrant flowers per stem. Foliage is usually reed-like and
the flowers very long lasting. Excellent rockery specimens and
should not be overlooked. Flower stems average 35-40cm 

(Breeder unknown)
The fragrant flower opens cream and eventually the cup begins to pass to white.
3 for $4.50
6 for $8.00
Small Bulbs 20 for $15.00

(Breeder Charles Smith and Son, about 1900 Channel Islands, UK)
Has up to 6 fragrant yellow star-like flowers on each stem. An old favourite. 30cm
3 for $4.50
6 for $8.00
Offsets 20 for $15.00

(Breeder Charles A Nethercote about 1927 Australia)
Has one long lasting fragrant bright yellow flower per stem. The bloom is slightly up-facing with pointed reflex petals on a 30cm stem.
Very attractive.

3 for $4.50
6 for $7.00

(Breeder Charles A Nethercote Australia before 1949, registered 1969 by Travers Morrison)
Has one or two  rich yellow,
fragrant, out facing flowers on each stem.
3 for $4.50
6 for $7.00

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