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Season 2022

ACIS autumnalis: (Was Leucojum autumnalis): A very dainty miniature. The fine 10cm stems carry snowflake-like flowers. Bulbs commence to flower with the beginning of the autumn rains. They can be tricked into flowering if watered late in summer

  5 for $4.00
10 for $7.00

COLCHICUM cilicium: Origin Turkey

This Colchicum bears deep rose lilac flowers in the autumn. The foliage appears a lot later. Barely tessellated with a distinctive central white centre down each petal.
3 for $12.00

HAEMANTHUS coccineus: The traditional ‘Elephant Ears’. Striking bright orange red blooms in the early autumn, followed by huge deep green leaves. A fantastic centre piece in any garden. Hardy. Prefers a full sun to part shade position. Virus free strain. Rare.
$16.00 each
Few to Offer

LYCORIS  squamigera: Has four to five large, bold pink trumpet like flowers in autumn. This bulb should not be confused with the Belladonna Lily.

Very few to offer

Rhodophiala bifida:  Two or three brick red flowers appear rather quickly, on a 30 cm stem following early autumn rain.

$7.00 each
3 for $19.00

Often called spider lilies. The flower stem has upwards of 7-8 large open florets.
Each floret is enhanced by the protruding anthers and stamens. Drought hardy.

Nerine corusca major : Early silver dusted orange flowers in mid February 45cm

$5.00 each
3 for $12.00

Nerine corusca minor : Early silver dusted orange flowers in mid February. Similar to N. corusca major but with smaller flowers on a 28cm stem

$5.00 each
3 for $12.00

Nerine Enchantress: Strong grower deep orange-red flowers forms a large head on a strong stem. Reliable doer.

$10.00 each
  3 for $27.00

Nerine Rosea: Early. Cerise pink flowers with a crinkled
edge in Feb-March. 30cm. Very attractive.

3 for $7.50

5 for $12.00

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