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Season 2020

ACIS autumnalis: (Was Leucojum autumnalis): A very dainty miniature. The fine 10cm stems carry snowflake-like flowers. Bulbs commence to flower with the beginning of the autumn rains. They can be tricked into flowering if watered late in summer

  5 for $4.00
10 for $7.00
Small Bulbs 20 for $7.50

COLCHICUM cilicium: Bears deep rose-lilac flowers in late summer, with slight tessellation and a white stripe down the centre of each petal. The flowers tend to stand up to weather. Native to Turkey. Available until mid March
Every part of this plant is highly toxic to animals and humans if ingested.
3 for $12.00

Small Bulbs 10 for $10.00

URGINEA maritima (Syn with DRIMIA maritima). Common name Sea Squill: The flower stem appears with the first autumn rain. The stem carries many small white star-like florets in conical form on the 95cm stem. The glaucous foliage forms a neat rosette. Dormant in summer.

Every part of this plant is highly toxic to animals and humans if ingested.
Very Large Bulbs
$20.00 each

$15.00 each

HAEMANTHUS coccineus: The traditional ‘Elephant Ears’. Striking bright orange red blooms in the early autumn, followed by huge deep green leaves. A fantastic centre piece in any garden. Hardy. Prefers a full sun to part shade position. Virus free strain. Rare.

$16.00 each
Few to Offer

LYCORIS  squamigera: Has four to five large, bold pink trumpet like flowers in autumn. This bulb should not be confused with the Belladona Lily.

Very few to offer

Rhodophiala bifida:  The three to four  brick red flowers appear rahther quickly on a 30 cm stem following early autumn rain.

$7.00 each
3 for $15.00

Non flowering
Small bulbs
5 for $8.00


Often called spider lilies. The flower stem has upwards of 7-8 large open florets.
Each floret is enhanced by the protruding anthers and stamens. Drought hardy.

Nerine corusca major : Early silver dusted orange flowers in mid February.

$5.00 each

  2 for $9.00

Nerine Enchantress: Strong grower deep orange-red flowers forms a large head on a strong stem. Reliable doer.

$9.00 each
  Limit 2

Nerine Rosea: Early. Cerise pink flowers with a crinkled
edge in Feb-March. 30cm. Very attractive.

3 for $5.00

6 for $9.00

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