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Spring Flowering Bulbs
Most  daffodils are very drought hardy, requiring no water during summer and early autumn, preferring their moisture from May to October.

The number (in brackets), after the name of the daffodil indicates the relative time of flowering. Number 0 being the earliest - around June: and 6 the latest - in October.

We do recommend that people who live in areas which experience a constant dry late spring, purchase daffodils that are coded between 0-3 and any of the jonquils listed on this page.

Stock listed in this catalogue is available until mid-April  unless otherwise stated or sold out. Please advise substitutes in case an item becomes unavailable.

As a further matter of interest:

Daffseek is an interesting website for those who are very keen on Daffodils.
It has a search engine that allows you to type in the name of a variety, this comes up with photos and a full description of the flower.
Click on this link

Yellow & Sulpher coloured Daffodils


(Raised by
F. Rijnveld and Sons, the Netherlands 1943)


Like the name says this yellow trumpet variety is very early, flowering late May early June. Barely does the foliage emerge, that the flower bud begins to shoot and actually overtakes the growth of the foliage.

Few to offer
$4.00 each

(Raised by Konynenburg and Mark, The Netherlands 1976)

A very reliable flowerer with enormous yellow blooms. The large bold trumpet is rolled and ruffled at the edge. An excellent garden variety.

5 for $9.50

White Daffodils


(Raised by Konynenburg and Mark, the Netherlands about 1953)

A good sized flower that opens with white petals and a large pleated lemon yellow cup. As the flower matures the cup passes to pure white.

3 for $7.50


(Raised by William Jackson Jr 1964 Tasmania Australia)
A very hardy white daffodil. Members of our family, over several years have won a blue ribbon, for the champion daffodil of the show with this variety.

$7.00 each

(Raised by J.H Rijkelijjkhuizen
the Netherlands 1980)
(Not to be confused with White Dream)
A super large flower with a long bell shaped trumpet which is deeply serrated at the mouth. One of our customers purchased one of these in a pot at our open garden. It was so good someone jumped the fence & stole it out of their garden! So best grown in the back garden (Smile) ...
$7.00 each
3 for $18.00

Daffodils with
yellow petals & red cups


(Raised by John Lea UK 1993)

Broad bold yellow petals with a neat well formed flower with a neatly flanged soft orange trumpet. A very large neat and appealing show flower, on a strong stem.

$5.00 each
  2 for $8.00


SEROLA (3-4)

(Raised by Karel J. van der Veek, the Netherlands)

The deeply orange cup is a stunningly highlighted by the bright yellow petals. Very hardy.
3 for $6.50
5 for $10.00

Daffodils with white petals and coloured cups.


(Raised by Col Drewitt 1990s Victoria Australia)

A hardy variety. Pure white spade like petals with a lemon cup and a broad Orange rim.

$6.00 each
3 for $15.00


(Raised by JN Hancock 1964 Vic Aust)
A most attractive flower that  has white petals and a long strong pink cup.

3 for $8.00

Visit the following link for photos of the flower
(Raised by D. van Buggenum, the Netherlands 1981)

Petals are ivory white contrasted by a vivid yellow trumpet.

3 for $8.00


(Raised by Beryl Hancock in the 1960s, Vic Australia )

Bright pure white petals with a very smooth texture. The ruffled cup is almost trumpet proportions,  upon opening it is a soft lemon which passes to a delicate soft pink.


.00 each
Few to offer 


(Raised by J Gerritsen and Son 1957, the Netherlands )

A very bright flower with slightly pure white petals contrasted with a very bright flat lemon-orange split cup.

3 for $6.00


(Raised by J Gerritsen and Son 1967, the Netherlands )

A most attractive large flower. Has flat broad  pure white petals, contrasted with a very large bright orange cup, with a heavily ruffled edge.

3 for $9.00

Double Daffodils

Discovered by P. Th. Zwetsloot, the Netherlands 1962)

Believed to be a sport of Carlton. Huge yellow double flower interspersed with slightly deeper yellow petaloids. Variety is tough.

3 for $7.50
5 for $12.00


(Raised by Tom Foster 1960 Tasmania Australia)

A yellow double interspersed with orange petaloids

3 for $6.00


(Raised by Wanaar and Co. The Netherlands before 1930)

Another tough old variety with a yellow flower and a trumpet like corona filled with yellow petaloids

2 for $6.00
Limited Numbers


(Raised by Murray Evans 1975, USA)

White petals, centre filled with deep pink petaloids.

  3 for $8.00

The Tazzetta species are naturally found around the Mediterranean coast line.
They do well in both cool, and warm climates such as Sydney.


(Discovered by Mr Gardiner New Zealand)

It is believed to be a sport of White Pearl. Has upwards of 15 white double florets  with cream petaloids on each stem. Very popular and highly fragrant.

4 for $6.00


(Raised by Lawrence Trevanion ACT Canberra. Registered 2006)

This underrated variety is a cross between N. elegans var. fallax and Grand Soleil D'or. It flowers in autumn and the beautiful fragrance  is a promise of spring to come. Has upwards of 9 florets on each stem.

$7.50 Each
3 for $21.00


JB Van Der Schoot the Netherlands before 1930)

Has up to 6 fragrant flowers per stem. The petals are white and the shallow open cups are predominantly orange. A very appealing combination.

3 for $6.00
5 for $8.50


before 2001 by HR Mott Gawler Tasmania)

Has between one and two medium to large sized, soft fragrant flowers on each stem. Petals are creamy yellow and the cup is orange with a brighter orange rim.
3 for $7.00


(Raised by Oregon Bulb Farms 1958 Oregon USA)

Large overlapping petals with an orange red fluted cup. Has upwards of four fragrant florets on each stem.
3 for $6.00

Narcissus pachybolbus. (0)
(Origin Algeria and Morocco).
A delightful  wild specie tazzetta with upwards of 10 small flowers per 40cm stem resembling a cluster of white wax like highly fragrant Hoya like flowers.
$4.50 each
3 for $10.00

(Raised by Percival D. Williams, England, UK around 1926)

Each flower stem has two or three fragrant flowers. The petals are white and an orange red cup. Rarely offered.
$6.00 each
3 for $15.00

Daffodils for North American Gardens: Brent & Becky Heath
Whilst this book is written by daffodil growers from the US, the information it contains is very relevant in Australia. The book deals with cultivation and contains many photos of cultivars available in this country. Hard cover. With 144 pages of interesting material.

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